About Us


At RELNKS, we want to link every service provider in the homebuying and homeownership industries by bringing them together on one platform.

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RELNKS was developed as a one-stop platform linking together all homebuying and homeownership services and participants through a single application to provide a transparent end-to-end solution at every step of the homeownership process.

Anchored by The Nationwide Group’s core product offerings and enhanced through partnerships, RELNKS is the centralized electronic resource for stakeholders. The result is a seamless, integrated platform serving consumers, lenders, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other industry professionals.


The Nationwide Group (TNG) is a pioneer in designing and developing outsourced financial services software, exclusively focused on creating comprehensive and customizable solutions for the real estate industry. For over 30 years, we have utilized world class technology to deliver solutions to the entire mortgage life cycle through our affiliated organizations. To date, through continuous innovation and progress, TNG has expanded across 23 countries and managed over 9 million mortgages globally.