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From the Experts: Everything You Should Know About Your Locks and Keys

Partner Interview: Pop-A-Lock Trusted Locksmiths

“Always good to start with a new set of keys and locks for your new home; protect your home, protect your family.”

Whether you’re changing locks at a new property, upgrading your security, or you’ve simply misplaced your keys, a reliable and trusted locksmith can save you plenty of stress. While it may not be one of the more complicated aspects of owning a home, your locks and keys are central to your home’s security and accessibility. As one of the many services available to order on RELNKS, we want to provide extra insight into locksmiths to help you make informed decisions for your home. We reached out to our partners at Pop-A-Lock to get some key (pun intended) information from the experts into what every homebuyer should know and consider.

The name ‘Pop-A-Lock’ is a great name! How was it created?

The name was created by the founders in 1991. Pop-A-Lock started as an emergency response business for those who had locked their keys in their car or locked themselves out of their home or business…hence “Pop A lock”…it has changed significantly since then and represents a much smaller portion of our business model which is Commercial and Residential locksmithing and cutting/programming all types of vehicle keys.

What services do you perform?

We do commercial locksmithing; master key systems, high security keys and locks, door closers, door hardware, door operators and access control systems, Automotive locksmithing; cutting and programming vehicle keys and residential locksmithing; rekey and lock installation/repair. We will provide emergency response when available.

Why would a new homeowner want to change the keys to their new home?

The #1 home security tip from crime-stoppers or your local police, is to change the locks on your home when you move in. Who knows who has the keys to your new home; dog walker, neighbour, baby sitter or the previous owner. Always good to start with a new set of keys and locks for your new home; protect your home, protect your family.

How many extra keys do you recommend somebody have?

That is a personal decision. Just make sure you store the extra keys in a safe place. Do not store keys outside under rocks or in hiding places. They can go missing or lost.

Would you recommend a traditional key or a keyless entry system?

Certainly, the smart lock category is growing in interest. Most homeowners have a traditional door handle with a dead bolt. For those venturing into smart technology, there are variety of options; keypad, blue-tooth or Wi-Fi enabled. Each has functions depending on your situation. We can recommend the right option based on your needs.

Is there a big cost difference between installing a traditional keypad vs. a keyless digital entry system?

Smart lock technology is competitively priced. It will be more expensive than a traditional lock and key solution but again, will vary depending on the level of functionality. A simple digital keypad eliminates the need to carry keys and you can grant access to anyone. A more sophisticated system can be managed remotely for deliveries, or friends/family needing access. Alerts can be set each time someone enters or leaves the premises.

How long does it take to change the locks for a traditional family home door?

We can usually pin and cut keys for a typical family home (2-3 doors) in an hour.

If somebody locks their keys inside their home, do they need a new lock and keys?

No, we can “pick” most locks. Our technicians are trained, with specialized tools to pick the lock and at least gain entry to the home to recover the keys.

What, if any, documentation is required if somebody locks their keys inside their home and needs you to open the door?

Our technicians always verify the homeowner before performing this service.

Is it possible for all the doors in someone’s house to have the same key?

Yes, it is. The locks need to be from the same brand in order to do this. If we have a variety of different brands on the house, the decision has to be made to either align all of those or carry separate keys.

If one’s wooden door is hard to lock, should they force it?

Doors can swell depending on the heat/humidity during the year. Do not force the lock. It could result in damage or could jam and cause more problems down the road. Best to have the locksmith evaluate the health of the door and lockset to make sure everything is working properly.

Why do some keys say ‘do not duplicate’ on them?

There is an option to use a High Security Key. It is a key that cannot be duplicated at your local home hardware or home depot. Only the locksmith who installed it can provide a duplicate. This ensures that the key has been documented and given to the home or business owner. These keys are cut with specific patterns to avoid duplication. We call this “key control” and is most common in commercial applications for businesses to control who has the key and who should be granted access.

Which services are the most popular?

The demand is for all of our services; lost keys for cars or a duplicate key, many commercial clients constantly looking for door and security solutions and home rekeys for people moving.

What areas do you service?

British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Why should somebody choose Pop-A-Lock?

Important that you find a locksmith that you can trust. Pop-A-Lock locksmiths are trained for all types of work. They are background checked, wear a uniform, drive a branded vehicle, show up when they say they will, charge what they quoted and create peace of mind for the customer. Finding a competent locksmith, you can trust can be challenging.

Pop-A-Lock is a full service, 24/7 mobile locksmith franchise specializing in emergency response, commercial, residential, and automotive. If you’re in need of a local, trusted locksmith, log into RELNKS and find Pop-A-Lock under Property Services along with a host of other service providers. Is there another topic you’d like to get some expert advice on? You can let us know on social media. Follow us @RELNKS on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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