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From the Experts: The Ins and Outs of Home Inspections

Partner Interview: Lighthouse Inspections

Home inspections are among the most important steps in buying or selling a home yet are often overlooked and underdiscussed. Skipping the inspection may be tempting for buyers on a tight budget, but a good inspection can save you countless amounts of time, money, and stress in the long run. Inspections provide essential information about your investment and can potentially change the terms of the deal, not to mention inform you of any critical safety information about your new home. An inspection is your way of finding out what you’re spending your money on, with the help of a professional third party. As a core service available on RELNKS, today’s From the Experts article is all about home inspections. We spoke to Joe Marino, a seasoned home inspector at Lighthouse Inspections, for his opinion on what every homebuyer (and seller) should know.

Homebuyers are advised to get a home inspection when buying a house. Why is getting a home inspection important?

I always recommend a home inspection when purchasing a resale property. I educate the client and give guidance on how to prioritize maintenance and repairs and point out all important areas in the home.

Do you recommend having a condition of home inspection when buying a property?

With the help of a realtor, adding a home inspection condition would be advantageous to the buyer when making that offer. A home inspection will ensure that the buyer is purchasing a well-built/maintained home. I help the buyer prioritize any future repairs or improvements.

As a seller, would you recommend getting a home inspection before you put your home on the market? Why/Why Not?

A pre-inspection of a home prior to listing it can be beneficial. This allows for the homeowner to remedy any deficiencies that may be present prior to listing the home. This will also prepare the homeowner for any future discussions about the condition of the home.

If a seller provides a home inspection to the buyer, should the buyer seek a home inspection of their own?

Home inspections are always recommended. In the view of the buyer, sometimes a pre inspection report may be interpreted as biased and/or in favor of the seller’s home. A reputable home inspector’s pre inspection report can be beneficial and cost effective.

Who orders a home inspection most of the time? The buyer or their real estate agent?

Typically, the real estate agent recommends three home inspectors for the client to choose from. In other circumstances, the buyer takes it upon themselves to seek out their own inspector.

Who pays for the home inspection?

The cost of a home inspection is commonly paid for by the purchaser/buyer.

What are the most important things covered in a home inspection report?

Some of the more important items covered in an inspection report are structural integrity, mechanical status and health and safety issues.

What are the most costly issues that could come back on a home inspection?

Some costly issues found during an inspection include structural compromising, hazardous materials and water penetration.

When issues are noted on the home inspection report, does the report state which issues are critical and which are minor?

With a digital inspection report. Issues or concerns that need addressing immediately or are costly are placed ahead and above items of wear and tear and general repairs.

On average, how long does it take for a home inspection report take to come back?

An inspection report is digitally prepared and sent to the appropriate parties at the end of the inspection day.

How long does a home inspector stay at a property?

On average, a home inspection takes between two to two and a half hours. Thereafter, a report needs to be prepared.

Can you tell us about yourself? Your training? Why you became a home inspector?

I have been a home inspector for approximately 12 years. I am designated and certified through NACHI. My background includes employment in the areas of construction and the day-to-day operations as a facility operator. I became a home inspector through a contact and was always interested in the design and functionality of a home. I possess great people skills and a positive attitude. I believe that I can help first time home buyers and investors make an educated decision when making one of their largest investments.

With more than 16 years of experience and over 35,000 inspections completed using the most progressive technology available, Lighthouse Inspections are a trusted, reputable option for inspections when you’re seeking peace of mind. If you’re in need of a local, trusted home inspector, log into RELNKS and find Lighthouse Inspections in the Home Inspections section of the platform. Is there another topic you’d like to get some expert advice on? You can let us know on social media. Follow us @RELNKS on Instagram , Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn .

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